Dragon Ball Z: that time Toriyama cried for a scene from the anime

An author knows every nuance of his work e Dragon Ball Z is no exception for Akira Toriyama. There are numerous anecdotes related to his masterpiece, yet it seems almost strange that a creator could be moved by his own creation. Here is a curious anecdote about a particular scene from the anime.

Bardak is a character who has returned as a protagonist in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, a hero whose story has become part of the legend. But speaking of the iconic Saiyan, have you taken a look at our in-depth study on Bardak’s canonicity? Anyway, the movie Dragon Ball Z: The Origins of the Myth, written by Takao Koyama astonished Toriyama so much that he wanted to canonize him at all costs. He himself, in an interview, told the following:

The special one was too good. I cried. How did you manage to create a story that surpassed the original manga? “

Takao Koyama was very happy that the story was considered for inclusion in the manga and Toriyama replied:

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“That’s because I wanted to use that great story in the manga and I didn’t care how. It was the least I could do, that final scene is really moving.

And you, however, what do you think of this particular curiosity, did you know? Tell us what you think of the Bardak special, as usual, with a comment below.


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