Dragon Ball Z: Raditz gets a new design thanks to a wonderful fanart

Akira Toriyama’s masterpiece, Dragon Ball Zimmediately introduced us to the Saiyan race with the arrival on Earth of Goku’s older brother, Raditz. The importance of this enemy can be limited to having explained his origins to the protagonist, given that after a few episodes he was killed thanks to the powerful Makankosappo of the Piccolo Namek.

Among the numerous Saiyans who continue to appear in the regular series, Raditz is certainly among the most unfortunate, not only for his lowest fighting power, but above all for the little space it had within the manga and the episodes. Despite his brief appearance in some flashbacks of the latest film of the franchise, Dragon Ball Super: Broly the brother of Goku has been totally forgotten.

To pay homage, however, the artist @EmiPotter has created the beautiful illustration that you find at the bottom of the news. As reported by the fan it is his version of Raditz, if he had been present during the Freeza saga, characterized by the battle armor that is often linked to the Saiyan Prince.

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Even if he is a marginal character, its function within the Dragon Ball storyline it was fundamental, both for the information on the Saiyans, and for having somehow warned Goku and his companions of the arrival of Vegeta and Nappa on Earth. What do you think of this particular design for Raditz? Let us know with a comment below.

Recall that Goku and Vegeta came to life in a double cosplay, and that Toriyama recently unveiled his favorite place in the series.


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