Dragon Ball Z: Here comes a gorgeous Cell fan art in perfect Halloween style

Between epic battles and iconic enemies, the Dragon Ball Z era seems to be timeless. Among the characters who most marked the history of Akira Toriyama’s iconic manga, Cell certainly remains among the most significant enemies of Goku and his companions. After disrupting the lives of the earthlings, Cell returns in a frightening fan art.

The scariest party of the year is almost upon us and many artists have decided to contribute to the creation of a climate of terror with their works. This is the case, for example, of David Gordon Green who wrote a comic on the occasion of Halloween.

Another artist has taken the same path, Guillaume Menuel, who shared a Cell fan art on the web through his Instagram profile. One of the most fearsome villains in the world of Dragon Ball Z was chosen as the ideal subject for combine Dragon Ball and Halloween and what could be its best form if not the first stage of its evolution?

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We remind you that the monstrous android could make his return both in the world of Dragon Ball Super and in the expanding universe of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Both have in fact already fished out numerous enemies from the world of Dragon Ball Z but among these Cell is still missing.

No more chatter and you the word, what do you think of this interpretation of Cell made by Guillaume Menuel? Does it scare you enough?


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