Dragon Ball Z: Goku versus Vegeta Oozaru in this first person fan art

In recent days, thanks to the immense efforts of the fans, we have had the opportunity to get nostalgic and go back to talking about the past, specifically one of the series that most kidnapped us in the history of anime and manga, or Dragon Ball Z.

If yesterday, for example, we remembered the saga of Freezer and hinted at the events that happened on Namek, thanks to the cosplay that a fan has made on Ginew, today, thanks to the work of art of another fan, who on Twitter responds with the name of ruto830, we can immerse ourselves once again in that past that as kids we loved so much, reliving one of the most epic fights that the history of Dragon Ball has ever given us: the first clash between a Vegeta came from space e Goku the Saiyan raised on earth.

As we have shown in other articles, the Twitter artist is usually create designs whose perspective is focused on a characterJust like the design that created some time ago, the battle between Goku and Broly, seen through the eyes of the first.

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Well, the illustration we want to show you today also follows this philosophy. In fact, as you can see for yourself from the post reported at the bottom of the article, ruto has immortalized the moment in which our protagonist Goku is grappling with the version Oozaru from Vegeta. Specifically it froze the moment when, the eyes of our hero They observe its wave energy break against the huge ape who, with an elongated finger, approaches him dangerously.

What about this spectacular design whose perspective makes it all extremely immersive? Let us know below in the comments.


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