Dragon Ball Z: a ​​young and sexy Videl in the Yoselin cosplay

With the end of the Cell saga we witnessed a time jump of several years in Dragon Ball Z. After Goku's death, we passed through Majin Buu where a sixteen-year-old Gohan was finally able to enroll in a prestigious high school in Satan City. Here he met Videl, a fighter who helped the police and with whom he became a rival.

After finding out it was Mr. Satan's daughter and after accidentally revealing the secret of Great Saiyaman, Gohan was forced to teach this new Dragon Ball Z character. This relationship turned from friendship to love and in fact the two got married and had a daughter, Pan, which will star in Dragon Ball GT.

In the first appearance in Dragon Ball Z we saw Videl with long black hair, wrapped in two side braids. This is one of the few details changed for the girl during the anime who instead kept the same clothes, a white shirt and black shorts with thick verse socks and black shoes. This girl outfit was chosen by Yoselin to create a Videl cosplay. The cosplayer has managed to give surely a more sensual touch to Mr. Satan's daughter, what do you think?

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Not all Dragon Ball Z cosplay are as sexy as Ginew's, while fan art has been dedicated to Gohan.


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