Dragon Ball Z: a ​​Goku Super Saiyan 3 cosplay is from over 9000

Creating certain cosplays isn’t always easy. Certainly when it comes to a character from a school-themed manga or anime it is easy to recreate the uniform and thus obtain an excellent result. But for some figures it is much more complex to prepare a faithful character, as happens some individuals we met in Dragon Ball Z.

Over the years, we have presented you with many cosplay on Videl and on the other female characters of Dragon Ball Z, but few on the protagonist Goku. In fact, it is not easy to be able to identify with the Saiyan, between particular hair and its iconicity that imposes a high quality level. However, an Italian fan tried to get into this role.

JP Cosplay presents his Goku Super Saiyan 3, very difficult to recreate compared to the normal version considering the huge mane of blonde hair. In the various posts with his cosplay of the protagonist of Dragon Ball Z, we see JP who instead seems to succeed in his intent, getting help even in postproduction to add some photo editing with yellow aura, lightning, energy waves and other elements. What do you think of this cosplay a tema Dragon Ball Z?

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Meanwhile, a fan tried to imagine a Gohan raised by Raditz instead of Piccolo.


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