Dragon Ball Z: a ​​fan creates an original Ginew cosplay

Remember that sunny day on Namek, when the fearful Freezer landed on the planet in the midst of green meadows and frightened Nameccians with his army and his desire for conquest and destruction in tow? It was when the Super Saiyan still did not even know what it was and the levels of power were certainly not the current ones.

That day, in the company of Freeza, the "fearsome" landed on the planet Ginew team, captained, in fact, by Ginew in person. Although in reality they did not have a fighting power then redoubtableAt the time they had proved true hard bones for our heroes, especially their captain because of body swapping technique, the same technique which, in the end, sanctioned his defeat.

They have passed many years from that day, when on Italian televisions, Dragon Ball Z, for the first time, it showed the purple face of the character. Therefore, perhaps, after all these years, memory can make bad jokes and some of you will not remember well the aspect of being or, perhaps, it they will only partially remember. Do not be alarmed, because we will help you, showing you an incredible e rare cosplay that a fan made right on Ginew, succeeding so well as to make it seem like the henchman of Freezer as real as it has never been before.

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The costume was made by the cosplayer Instagram, mono_cultura13, which, as you can see for yourself from the post at the bottom of the article, has accomplished a real work of art, making a character become interesting who, to be honest, has always seemed a little ridiculous.

Speaking of works made by enthusiasts, we want to point out the fan art that sees Cooler clash against Goku and the illustration that portrays third level Super Saiyan Vegetto.

What do you think of the cosplay in question. Feel free to write it below in the comments.


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