Dragon Ball Z: a ​​cosplay of the splendid C18 by HaneAme

Dragon Ball Z is poor in notable female characters, and for years everything revolved around Bulma, with sparse appearances of Chi-Chi. With the saga of the androids we have instead made the acquaintance of C18, or android 18, a blonde girl awakened by Dr. Gelo together with her twin brother C17.

After putting C19 and C20 aside, in the android saga the cyborg that did not need to absorb energy from the hands like the two predecessors was a formidable opponent in Dragon Ball Z knocking out Vegeta with little effort. However, he will then become a fundamental pawn in the rest of the arc, and during the Majin Buu saga he will even go to the side of the good ones by marrying Krillin and having a daughter with him.

Now we can see what C18 would be like in real life thanks to the beautiful interpretation of HaneAme. The hugely popular model on Instagram has several photos with hers cosplay of C18 which you can see below. Wearing the first clothes in which the blonde android appeared, namely a denim jacket and black T-shirt with striped sleeves, there are four photos where admire the beauty of this character from Dragon Ball Z.

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