Dragon Ball Z: a ​​beautiful and glacial C18 in the Italian Lulymohn cosplay

C18 is one of the very few female characters who have shown themselves prone to fighting in the world of Dragon Ball Z. In fact, some short brackets of Chichi and Videl, both participating in the Tenkaichi tournaments, have been removed, until the arrival of Dragon Ball Super in practice there were no other warriors able to cope with high levels.

Both for this and for its extraordinary but glacial beauty, C18 has gained a lot of acclaim among fans of the world of Dragon Ball Z. The girl arrived during the Cell saga where she was awakened by Doctor Gelo together with her twin brother C17. Beautiful, blonde and with a blue and icy look, immediately established a kind of relationship with Kulilin who then fell in love with her.

The Italian cosplayer Lulymohn has decided to take on the role of the android, creating the C18 cosplay which you can see below. Blonde hair surrounds a beautiful face where blue eyes are noticeable, while the dress is inspired by one of the classic clothing of C18 that we saw during the intermediate stages of the Cell saga: a black jacket with an orange triangular patch with a white T-shirt underneath, ending with a necklace of white beads.

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Termina also dedicated a cosplay to Dragon Ball Z's C18.


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