Dragon Ball Z: # 17 and # 18 more close than ever in two beautiful female cosplay

The events of the Tournament of Power, seen in Dragon Ball Super, greatly surprised fans of the series created by Akira Toriyama with the return of the android C-17, profoundly changed from what was seen in Dragon Ball Z, and who played a fundamental role in the final stages of the clash, designating the victory of universe 7.

Initially presented as constructs of Dr. Gelo’s madness, the brothers # 17 and # 18 have often found themselves having to act against the pride and conceit of the Saiyans, although they never wanted to fight, but simply to escape from the scientist who had kidnapped them and turned them into cyborgs, and thus regain their freedom, as explained in a recent theory.

The true nature of the two androids emerged as the adventure of the Z Warriors continued, and led them to build a family, regarding C-18, and to ensure the survival of an ecosystem, for C-17. To pay homage to two characters so particular, and relevant in some circumstances, in the history of Dragon Ball, @graciethecosplaylass has shared on social the images that you can find in the post reported at the bottom, where you can see the faithful result obtained by two passionate in the carefully recreate the design of the androids.

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Recall that Akira Toriyama cried for a scene from the anime, and we leave you with a fantastic statue that portrays the clash between Goku SSJ3 and Kid Buu.


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