Dragon Ball VS Attack of the Giants: a fanmade video makes Vegeta and Eren Jaeger clash

Dragon Ball VS Attack of the Giants, a clash that on paper does not exist and will never exist. It is difficult to bring together two different worlds with a crossover, especially if they are intellectual properties belonging to different publishing houses – in this case respectively to Shueisha and Kodansha. Yet fans can combine them at will.

By now those who were passionate about these characters developed the necessary skills, growing up, to be able to give vent to their imagination and create battles that canonically never be replicated. By now we all have under our eyes the clashes between Goku and Superman, or those against Saitama, now instead the passionate animator Tom Barkel has shared a video where Vegeta and Eren Jaeger clash.

The Saiyan Prince of Dragon Ball, with his armor seen at the beginning of the Z series and with the arrogance that distinguished him, must face the young soldier of Eldia which transforms into the Attack Giant. The video is a few seconds long but very well done, however it is still a work in progress. Nevertheless, the animator has already shown in his opinion who is the strongest, with Vegeta easily blocking a punch of Eren and then decides to transform into Oozaru, thus starting a fight that will surely win.

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The strength of the giant may not be enough to beat the power of the Saiyans, let alone the prince of this warrior species who has destroyed the galaxy far and wide.


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