Dragon Ball: Vegetto appears in three forms in this new figure

Despite the manga by Dragon Ball more than twenty years ago, the success of the series continues today with several sequels and numerous products are dedicated to it, including a wonderful statuette representing Vegetto. Let’s go see it together.

The merger between Goku and Vegeta occurred through the use of earrings Potara is shown for the first time during the Majin Buu saga in the Z series where, to defeat the evil being that gives the name to the narrative arc, the two strongest warriors of the manga decide to join in one body.

The new warrior, which is therefore the most powerful ever to appear before the publication of the sequel, Dragon Ball Super, has many of the characteristics of the two Saiyans, such as Vegeta’s pride and Goku’s irony, which have been perfectly shown on the face of the new figure at Kidult Studio.

The statue with an expected release in 2021 will be sold at the price of 395 euros and will show the powerful hero surrounded by lightning and other effects that characterize his aura. The product will also have 3 interchangeable heads that allow you to expose it in the form you prefer: the base with black hair, Super Saiyan with blonde hair and Super Saiyan Blue with blue hair. In the images shown at the bottom of the news we can also see in the left hand of Vegetto Super Saiyan the presence of pigtail of Majin Buu detached from him in combat.

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What do you think of this figure? Write it to us in the comments.

Finally, for those interested I remember that once Sirius the Dragon appeared in Dragon Ball and I report a news concerning a crossover between Dragon Ball and ONE PIECE.


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