Dragon Ball: the young Bulma cosplay with Andrasta returns

In Dragon Ball we have seen Bulma dressing in every way possible and imaginable, with Akira Toriyama who had fun presenting her always in step with the times and with age. As the blue-haired girl grew and matured, she became first an adult woman and then a mother, changing accordingly.

Many of the clothes Bulma wore appeared regularly during the manga Dragon Ball, and still today the woman is struggling with new outfits introduced in Dragon Ball Super. One of the most famous is surely that of Bunny Bulma who generated many cosplay. But there are also some clothes that have appeared for a very short time or relegated to bonus illustrations that have no bearing on history.

The cosplayer Andrasta chose one of these outfits to create her latest one Bulma cosplay. The girl created a set of two photos where, besides Bulma's flashy hair, she wears a white T-shirt that bears the Capsule Corporation logo and a khaki-colored shorts where you can see the logo of the company founded by her father. Obviously, a Dragon Ball couldn't be missing, that mystical object that gave birth first to Bulma's journey and then to Goku's. Just the Sphere with 4 stars of Goku is the one presented by the cosplayer.

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Always remembering the beginning of the journey, the bike that appeared at the beginning of Dragon Ball received an action figure.


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