Dragon Ball: The true purpose of the Dragon Balls revealed

When it comes to Dragon Ball, there are questions that persist within the fandom, and they have no intention of leaving. From the origins of the Saiyan race to the secret of the High Priest, the series still has many secrets that fans would like to discover.

Obviously, one of the most famous unsolved mysteries is that of the dragon spheres, and there seems to be some news about it.

Recently, a new chapter of Dragon Ball Super came out and fans got an interesting lesson from the Nameks. In the new chapter we see the new villain Granolah, hungry for revenge. The villain wonders whether or not to use the power of the new Dragon Balls to defeat Freeza, but the Namekians explain to Granolah that the dragon balls are part of a ritual to celebrate the brave Namekian warriors, they are not made to satisfy selfish desires.

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These words are spoken by Namek Monaito after giving a lesson on the history of the seven spheres. In fact, originally the spheres were used exclusively for these rituals, and desires were used to reward warriors who had sought the Dragon Balls in times of great suffering. While the origin of the Dragon Balls is still a mystery, chapter by chapter we get closer and closer to the truth about these mysterious relics.

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