Dragon Ball: the duel between Goku and Freeza, remember this historic Jump cover?

Entire generations of fans have grown up with the legendary sagas of Dragon Ball, but those in the West who followed Akira Toriyama's manga weekly are in a much lower number, both for the need to find the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and for popularity issues.

The battle between Freeza and Goku Super Saiyan was one of the most felt and anticipated events in the entire Namecc saga, a world-wide fight that literally tore an entire planet to shreds. It is no coincidence, in fact, that the diabolical galactic emperor continue after so many years to monopolize the rankings inherent to the antagonists of Dragon Ball, thanks to its unscrupulous wickedness.

In any case, already at the time of publication in the magazine, the duel between the two bitter enemies was particularly appreciated by the community, which pushed Shonen Jump to dedicate several color covers to the key moments of the saga. One of which, if not the most iconic, is available at the bottom of the news and portrays with great pomp Goku Super Saiyan while charging against the opponent full of anger. If you are interested in tracing the original issue of the magazine, know that this is issue 21-22 of the 1991 edition.

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And you, on the other hand, have you ever seen this historic cover published at the time of the manga serialization? Let us know, as usual, with a comment in the appropriate box below.


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