Dragon Ball Super: Will More Intervention Be Needed to Save Earth?

Molo has proven to be a particularly tough character to defeat. The wizard who is now destroying the universe of Dragon Ball Super far and wide is currently on Earth fighting with Goku. The Saiyan used the Ultra Instinct learned with Merus, but failed to get the victory he needed.

In Chapter 60 of Dragon Ball Super we witnessed the defeat of Goku and the arrival of Vegeta who seems to have an ace up his sleeve. However, it is not certain that the Prince of Saiyans really manages to carry out an effective strategy against this enemy that seems unbeatable. At that point, if Molo wins against the two protagonists of Dragon Ball Super, who could ever stop it?

If we remove Beerus, the answer could only be Merus. The angel who for a long time took on the role of Galactic Policeman has shown to have the fate of the galaxy particularly close to his heart. Despite Whis' recommendations, completely impartial in the situation and who would have no problem accepting Molo's victory, Merus does not seem loyal to the rules.

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The penalty for the intervention of an angel is the complete cancellation from reality but with the character that is found Merus might think that it is a fair price to pay to save the galaxy from the clutches of Molo. In short, the defeat of Goku and Vegeta could lead to not nefarious outcomes if the higher being decided to sacrifice.


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