Dragon Ball Super: will Beerus’ superiority push Vegeta to new horizons?

Humiliated by the superiority of the Ultra Perfect Instinct achieved by his rival, Vegeta seemed ready to step aside, aware that he did not have the calm necessary to reach that state. In the new chapter of Dragon Ball SuperHowever, Beerus proved to the Saiyan that there is another way to achieve power.

After leading Vegeta away from Whis and Goku, Beerus reveals what learning that technique will entail, proving to be a brutal teacher. But before that, the God of Destruction questions the prince about his race’s past and its correlation with Freeza. A melancholy Vegeta states that it was “the fate of the Saiyans to be wiped out” and this response infuriates Beerus, who destroys a small planet with one blow.

While assaults his new pupil, the God of Destruction teaches him: “As long as doubt weighs down your soul, this power will never be yours. You feel guilty for the sins of all Saiyans, terribly self-centered of you, mortal“.

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Further provoking him, Beerus reveals that it was he who told Freeza to eliminate all Saiyans. Following these words, he finally arrives Vegeta’s reaction, which by transforming into Super Saiyan Blue starts the counterattack. However, his efforts proved futile, the god easily dodges the blows and knocks him out.

At that point, Beerus reveals the secret of his power. “My mind is always focused on destruction and nothing else. That’s why there is no limit to my power. Listen. If you really want this power, you will have to destroy all stray thoughts and recreate yourself from scratch. Before creation comes destruction“.

Will the Saiyan be able to accept this condition? Introducing the new Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Super 69. The identity of the strongest warrior in the universe revealed in Dragon Ball Super 69.


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