Dragon Ball Super: Why did Beerus suggest that Frieza kill the Saiyans?

The newest chapter of Dragon Ball Super revealed that Beerus He suggested to Freeza that he kill the Saiyans, but why? The Truth News Explore this moment from the shonen series created by Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro. Spoiler Warning!

The most recent chapter of the manga take a second step in the arch of Granola the Survivoras it continues to establish the ties that the titular Granola has with the history of Saiyans. He has a great resentment against Freezer and the Saiyans for the death of their people.

Although Granola is stuck in the past, it is soon revealed that Vegeta He’s been just as stuck in the newest chapter of Dragon Ball Super. Here, Beerus begins to analyze some approximate truths for the prince.

Vegeta vs Beerus en Dragon Ball Super 69

The Chapter 69 shows Beerus’ training with Vegeta, and begins to analyze what Vegeta needs to properly learn the techniques of a God of Destruction. During this conversation, he surprisingly reveals that he was the one who orchestrated the destruction of Freeza from the Saiyans. But it seems like he’s doing it to take the weight off Vegeta’s shoulders.

The key to learning Beerus Hakai

Beerus explains that for Vegeta to learn Hakai and other techniques of the God of Destruction, Vegeta will need to enter a calm state of mind much like the one Goku needs to use Ultra Instinct.

The crucial difference here is that Vegeta needs to constantly think about destruction. But as we saw during the fight with Moro In New Namek, Vegeta feels very guilty for the act of destruction itself.

Vegeta and Goku will achieve more powers in Dragon Ball Super

Supports the weight of sins of the Saiyans on their shoulders, and that is probably why you are unconsciously holding back from the truly destructive power. Beerus says that he orchestrated the destruction as a way for Vegeta to divert attention from himself because at the end of the day, he was just a chaotic part of the growth of the universe.

But why would Beerus suggest that the Saiyans die in the first place? That will be the bigger question going forward as the series continues to further explore the destruction of the Saiyans from a new angle.

We have learned that the gods destroy planets to give birth to new ones stronger, so is there a chance Beerus wanted Planet Vegeta to be destroyed in order to give birth to a potential God of Destruction candidate decades later? Why his interest in Vegeta? Only the future of Dragon Ball Super will tell.

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