Dragon Ball Super: when will chapter 70 come out? Here is the preview of V-Jump

Chapter 69 hasn’t even come out yet and yet on the net we have started talking about the next issue of Dragon Ball Super. There are many expectations for the Saga of the Survivor Granolah, a story arc that will also see the participation of the strongest warrior in the universe.

We don’t know who this elusive will be “Most powerful warrior in the universe“, praised by the Oracle Fish in the last chapter and by the promotional campaign of Shueisha. The publisher of the manga, in fact, is rotating the new saga behind the figure of Granolah and that of a mysterious individual who will rise shortly and whose role seems to put a strain on Goku and Vegeta. The promotional table leaked online in the past few hours, in fact, also reveals the Dragon Ball Super chapter 70 release date.

The next issue will be out in exactly one month, March 19 in print via V-Jump magazine e the day before on Manga Plus. As usual, around the first week of March the draft of chapter 70 will be released while two days before the official release the complete spoilers. We therefore suggest that you continue to follow us so as not to miss any news on the future of DB Super.

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Before saying goodbye, we refer you to the opening table with a look at the Cereal Planet. And you, instead, what do you expect from the next chapters? Tell us your opinion about it with a comment below.


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