Dragon Ball Super: what if Vegeta was the real protagonist of the clash with Moro?

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Chapter 58 of Dragon Ball Super, after a grueling wait but that brought the Z Warriors back to action to defend the Earth, has finally revealed the outcome of Goku's training. The final battle is about to begin, yet the outcome of the clash may not be so obvious.

Although Goku seems to have learned the secrets of the Ultra Instinct Omen, the short moment of amazement by Moro it could soon prove to be nothing more than pure excitement by virtue of the battle. The sorcerer has concealed his full powers so far and it is by no means excluded that he can discover yet another trump card in the fight with the protagonist.

Dragon Ball has accustomed us several times to the deus ex machina with the appearance of characters who arrived on the battlefield suddenly, with a new power-up. While Goku arrived on Earth just in time to help his friends, Vegeta's fate is still uncertain and we would not be surprised if the saiyan suddenly appeared in a moment of difficulty for Son, just like the time he helped his rival against Metal Cooler in the ninth movie based on the franchise or against cyborg number 19.

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This hypothesis also leads us to wonder what results the Prince of Saiyans can get from training on Planet Yardrat. And who knows, therefore, that it may be Vegeta who put an end to Moro's threat. However, these are nothing more than mere speculations and we just have to wait for the future chapters of Dragon Ball Super to discover the fate of the clash. And you, instead, what implications do you expect from this battle? Let us know with a comment below.

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