Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta's voice commented on the developments of the previous chapters

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Finally after a long time, beyond Goku the other protagonist of Dragon Ball Super was also in the spotlight. Vegeta didn't manage to shine for so long, but the current narrative arc with Molo antagonist has seen the prince of the Saiyans prepare with an unprecedented training on Yardrat. And his return to Earth has been acclaimed.

Fans were happy with the events of the last few chapters of Dragon Ball Super where Vegeta finally got a bigger role than Goku. The return to Earth of the saiyan had already electrified the readers and many of these feelings intensified when the technique of the Forced Spiritual Fission was put in place which put Molo in difficulty.

Among Dragon Ball Super readers and fans who have read the chapter 61 of Dragon Ball Super there is Christopher Sabat, US voice of the Saiyan prince. Sabat commented via Twitter, claiming to have woken up with Vegeta as a trend on the popular social network. He found out why and also said he wasn't surprised at the latest events, considering that Akira Toriyama seems to like seeing the Saiyan prince suffer.

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In fact, despite an exceptional first half of the chapter for him, the finale saw the transformation of Molo and the consequent defeat of Vegeta. Who knows how the Dragon Ball Super story will continue now.

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