Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta takes the field in the first spoilers of chapter 61

About a week after the release of the new chapter of Dragon Ball SuperToyotaro returns punctually with the first drafts directly from the last issue. Will the Saiyan Prince cope with Molo's powerful threat?

After the defeat of Goku, who failed to get away with the wizard's talent, Vegeta's turn finally arrived, arriving at the last moment to save his rival and the Earth from certain death. The chapter 61 of Dragon Ball Super, titled "The rebirth of Vegeta", he immediately begins the battle, with the Prince of the Saiyans who immediately punches the opponent. However, despite the seemingly powerful blow inflicted, the wound seems to heal immediately afterwards.

Gohan, C-18 and even Piccolo, in fact, have noticed how the saiyan has certainly become stronger thanks to the training although it is not yet in the slightest level of the wizard who can easily parry every blow and throw it even against a distant rock. Vegeta returns to the attack again under the fear of those present, but when Molo seems now intent on ending it, the Prince avoids the opponent's powerful blow, all to the deep surprise of Goku who is witnessing the battle.

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The first spoilers end here, but you can watch the tables in question through the drafts attached at the bottom of the news. What trump card does Vegeta hide? Tell us your opinion about it with a comment below.


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