Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta and Molo, a recycling of the fight against Metal Cooler?

Punctual, as usual, Toyotaro has already started to tease its readers by releasing the drafts of the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super which begin the battle between Vegeta and Molo. Some fans, however, could not help expressing their doubts about a perhaps too obvious call.

Despite the physical changes, in the first pages of chapter 61 the Prince of Saiyans seems to be quite in difficulty against the powerful wizard, even if he is still hiding an evident trump card. Anyway, since Vegeta's debut in the middle of the battle to save Goku from certain death, fans of the opera had strongly compared the sudden arrival of the character to the same scene in the film Dragon Ball Z: The Invasion of Neo Namek.

Furthermore, the first drafts of the manga seem to have further points in common with the film, both in facial expressions and in some shots that the protagonists and Metal Cooler they inflicted on each other. At the bottom of the news it is possible to have a first look at the events in question, but we suggest you to recover the entire fight of the feature film to further deepen the topic. Either way, it wouldn't be the first time that Toyotaro recovers in his manga some iconic scenes directly from the works prior to Dragon Ball Super.

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And have you noticed this similarity or are they the result of unfounded theories by enthusiasts? Tell us your opinion about it, as always, with a comment in the space provided below.


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