Dragon Ball Super: this is how Molo would be with the style of Dragon Ball Z

While the anime of Dragon Ball Super ended, the manga continued its publication with a story arc that seems to have a lot in common with the legendary Dragon Ball Z. For this reason all eyes are on the villain of this series, Molo, and his evil goal.

Many fans agree that Molo is an enemy perfectly in line with the style of the most famous series, and this prompted an artist to draw Moro in style Dragon Ball Z.

The work in question comes from the Instagram profile of the artist sevensignsart, where the designer has published this version of Pier as if he were inside the Dragon Ball Z universe. In fact it looks like he’s out of the Cell saga and it wouldn’t be strange to see them together as they try to destroy planet Earth.

As seen in the drawing, Molo is in post-transformation form and references to are clearly seen Freezer e Cell. The round head and pointed face are key features in the character design of Dragon Ball. All together with a super muscular body, of course.

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The biggest change the artist made was in the drawing style and color selection. Dragon Ball Super has a very different style from Dragon Ball Z. In fact, Super uses bright colors and a “glossy” style, full of light points. Very different from the Z series where muted colors were used, with minimal shadows and clean lines.

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It would be great to see Molo in this style within the anime! Meanwhile, let’s hypothesize which Dragon Ball Super saga we will see after the Molo saga.

What do you think? Do you prefer the style of Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Super?


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