Dragon Ball Super: revealed the truth about the destruction of the planet Vegeta

The manga of Dragon Ball Super continues the narration of the saga of Granolah centered on the homonymous character who has a grudge against Freeza and the Saiyans. Meanwhile Vegeta is trained by Beerus and uncovers a shocking truth.

As we have learned in previous chapters, unlike Goku, the Saiyan prince he is unable to learn Ultra Instinct but it could still become much stronger thanks to a new technique that allows it to overcome the rival between the pages of Dragon Ball Super.

To reach the new level, the man trains with Beerus, who asks him to keep a clear mind and focus only on destruction. However, this is particularly complicated due to the guilt related to the past of his species and it is to free him from this weight that the God of Destruction makes the shocking revelation: it was the powerful deity who advised Freeza to eliminate the Saiyan race.

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This truth is therefore added to the numerous information revealed in the new narrative arc regarding the alien species of warriors to which the protagonist of the work also belongs, however it gives birth several questions about the reasons that prompted Beerus in the past to decide for the Saiyans to die. The intentions of God’s declaration were in fact solely those of making the student understand that the fate of his people did not depend on their actions, without disclosing further details.

What do you think about it? What could be the real reason behind the choices made in the past by the God of Destruction? Let us know in the comments.

Finally I bring back a fan art of the powerful Granolah from Dragon Ball Super.


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