Dragon Ball Super puts the heroes of the past back in the center

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Those days when Goku ventured around the world in search of the Dragon Balls between one Tenkaichi tournament and the other seem far away, meeting many characters who would later make the Dragon Ball universe great. With ever higher power levels, some of these warriors they disappeared from Dragon Ball Super.

But not forever because the chapter 56 of Dragon Ball Super showed the readers the great charge of the Z Warriors. Besides the Galactic Police, in which the Jaco coward is not missing, the greatest terrestrial warriors gather, waiting for Moro, even those ignored since the Dragon Ball Z period.

By the side of Master Roshi, Kulilin and Tenshinhan that we had been able to see also during the Tournament of Power, last saga of Dragon Ball Super, finally we review two characters who have not fought for a long time: Yamcha and Jiaozi. The former wrestler of the Crane school has not fought since the Dragon Ball Z Saiyan saga, in fact worried about his current ability in the fight, while Yamcha is charged for being able to return to action, after having withdrawn from the fighting following the saga of Cell.

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A special double board of Dragon Ball Super shows all these warriors who inevitably make you think of Dragon Ball's human past, before putting them into action. How do you think the protagonists whose actions we have followed for a long time will behave, waiting for the return of Goku and Vegeta?

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