Dragon Ball Super: Kulilin as Roshi in this fan art, will we ever see him at the highest levels?

One of the first characters to be added to the Dragon Ball universe was Krillin. The bald-headed little boy who corrupted the famous Master Roshi then became an inseparable companion of Goku, although for Toriyama it would have lasted little, at least in the initial plans. And instead we find him fighting also in Dragon Ball Super.

The boy has repeatedly proved to be the earthly stronger and inevitably behind the giants of the galaxy like Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and Piccolo. But he never lost heart and also in the new anime and manga of Dragon Ball Super he continues to train to become stronger and stronger and to protect his planet.

The Kapasuso fan, however, wants him even more powerful, and transmits this opinion through a fan art also published on the well-known social Reddit. The illustration you can see at the bottom of the news shows a Kulilin fully empowered as Master Roshi did several times during the Dragon Ball saga. At maximum power, this Kulilin swells at a muscular level and becomes bigger, unleashing a limitless force with a lightning aura.

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We will certainly not see it in the current saga with Molo, where another intervention may be needed to save the Earth. While remaining in the fan art environment, another Dragon Ball fan tried to draw Goku in the Studio Ghibli version.


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