Dragon Ball Super: is it still possible to defeat Molo?

Chapter 62 of Dragon Ball Super it was intense and deeply tragic for the developments that took the clash between Goku, Vegeta and the sorcerer Molo. The fearsome villain in fact, thanks to the power of OG73-I managed to acquire the powers of the Prince of Saiyans, and then immediately afterwards defeat Vegeta with his iconic Big Bang Attack.

In Dragon Ball Super we are witnessing the introduction of many new techniques, extremely more powerful than seen for example in Dragon Ball Z, and which seem accessible to few characters, just think of the Ultra Instinct, seen so far only thanks to Goku. This narrative choice could lead to important changes, as we saw in the last clash with Molo.

Indeed the villain easily managed to knock out all Z Warriors, and knowing that the abilities absorbed will not fade after half an hour, as in the case of the android 73, Molo could easily give the final blow to his "meals". The surprising intervention of Merus in the final pages of the chapter shows both the probable intervention of the angels in the clash, which would partially change what was said about their neutrality, both the impossibility of defeating Molo for the protagonists.

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The main problem is that the only one capable of keeping up with Vegeta was Son Goku, but now that the powers of the Prince of Saiyans have been absorbed by the already powerful Pier, the situation is rapidly deteriorating.

Recall that chapter 62 was considered the bloodiest of the manga, and that the cover of volume 13 of Dragon Ball Super was shown.


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