Dragon Ball Super: Goku’s secret to controlling Ultra Perfect Instinct

Despite Ultra Instinct, Goku couldn’t do anything against Molo, the brutal antagonist of the new story arc. But after saying goodbye to Galactic Patrol Merus, the Saiyan has finally learned how to master his ultimate skill.

In order to face the new powerful enemy that threatens the universe, Goku and Vegeta had to ask for help from Merus, a member of the Galactic Patrol who turns out to be actually an angel. Merus limited Molo’s arts, but eventually it has been eliminated from existence for violating angelic laws.

In the new chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Goku è sotto shock for the sad death of his friend, but despite this he does not let himself be carried away by anger, as happened for example for the end of Krillin in the Freeza Saga.

Usually, Saiyans use all their wrath to fuel their powers, but this time Goku channels his emotions in an alternative way. “Merus may have disappeared, but his will will live in me”, Goku immediately states. Finally, it seems that now Kakarot is able to control the power of the Ultra Perfect Instinct. For Molo, the end seems to have come; Dragon Ball Super’s antagonist will be eliminated by Goku.

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This event proves that neither fury nor total calm are the right emotions to get to master Ultra Instinct. Merus’ legacy turned out to be the perfect fuel for this technique. The angel gave yet another great lesson to Goku in Dragon Ball Super.


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