Dragon Ball Super: Goku's screams become the basis of a beat, the video is viral

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Between Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and the recent anime Dragon Ball Super, Goku screamed very much. During the clashes, during the transformations, Goku has particularly melted to give vent to his anger and his strength. The battle cry is now well known to anyone who has seen the animated series of the saga.

Those who review the four souls must therefore expect large portions of Goku screaming. That's what a Dragon Ball fan witnessed who, during the quarantine, decided to watch all the episodes of the series. Except that, while watching, another idea occurred to him to pass the time by exploiting his musical and mixing skills.

The Smoodyboy fan posted his creation on Reddit: a video lasting just over a minute but still going viral. Taking fragments of voice with Goku's screams following the transformations in Super Saiyan, the passionate musician gave birth to a beat where this vowel is the basis. In the video the boy is in the foreground with the background of Namek behind him, while in the corners some images of Goku drawn from both Dragon Ball Z (when it is about to turn into Super Saiyan 3) and from Dragon Ball Super (with activation of Super Saiyan Blue).

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Will this also become disco music like Naruto's Shinra Tensei Remix?

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