Dragon Ball Super: Goku and Ultra Instinct, a plot hole?

"It will activate when you manage to keep control in front of a strong shock of your emotions. This is the Ultra Instinct." So Merus explained to Goku what the secret was to learn how to use the divine technique at will. Absurdly complicated total control of one's emotions even for the gods of destruction.

Currently, Goku has managed to use only an incomplete stage of Ultra Instinct, a variant that tends to absorb a considerable amount of energy from its owner. It is no coincidence, in fact, that the Saiyan had particular difficulties against the numerous aces up Molo's sleeve. Still, there is an apparently crucial detail that could generate a strong narrative inconsistency.

By analyzing the scenes of the story more carefully, during the "Omen"the protagonist manages to keep a cold attitude, totally consistent with the expectations of a technique that puts one's emotions in a state of standstill. And so it was during the duel against Jiren the first time and even against Kefla and Molo himself. Things change drastically with the shape of theUltra Complete Instinct, fielded on the occasion of the final battle against the ace in the hole of the 11th universe. Goku, in fact, totally lost control of his emotions during the duel with Jiren when the latter out of exasperation attempted to hit the spectators of the seventh universe.

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The Saiyan's reaction of anger, decidedly more coherent with the Super Saiyan's secrets, clash not a little with the statements prepared about Ultra Instinct. Why was Goku, unlike the gods of destruction, able to use the impossible technique without meeting the minimum requirements? However, the latest transformation introduced in the franchise continues to sound ambiguous at times and a clear explanation will be needed before introducing new elements.

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