Dragon Ball Super: Beerus and Whis together in this fun LowCost cosplay

In Dragon Ball Super two of the characters presented in one of the latest Dragon Ball Z movies arrived canonically. The divinity Beerus she showed up with her feline appearance while whis he is a tall, blue-skinned being and a tuft of white hair. The two will then become faithful companions of Goku and Vegeta.

In fact, they met again in Dragon Ball Super, even in the last chapters of the manga and, even if they are not relevant to the plot, it is often remembered that they are important obstacles to overcome for the two protagonists of the work. Now become an inseparable and iconic duo for their appearance, character and way of doing, they have been taken up by the well-known LowCostCosplay.

In fact, the boy published his new low-cost disguise a few hours ago, a feature that has distinguished him for years. For the occasion, however, he even got help from his cat, as we can see in the Instagram photo below. After putting on a crew neck sweater and dyeing her silver hair, she made sure to put on a collar that recalls that of Beerus to his cat and, playing with the perspectives, he recalled the image of Dragon Ball Super in the last frame. Another brilliant interpretation of LowCostCosplay.

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Meanwhile, Dragon Ball Super must continue with a new series according to the fans, while the manga readers can continue to enjoy the adventures of Goku and companions, hoping that Vegeta will do his best.


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