Dragon Ball Super: a hilarious illustration reveals who will defeat Molo

Molo is becoming more and more powerful and dangerous, to the point that it has long been that the Z Warriors have not faced an opponent as brutal as unscrupulous. As if that wasn't enough, fans' expectations were again destroyed during the last chapter of Dragon Ball Super. What fate awaits Earth and our heroes?

Just as fans feared, Vegeta eventually came out sensationally defeated by the battle, perhaps in a way so noble that it clashed with thetraining undertaken on Planet Yardrat. However, he was not the only one to suffer a heavy setback, as even Goku is knocked out and dying. The arrival of Merus has changed the cards again, but it is not clear which direction it intends to take Toyotaro in the next chapters of the manga.

A certain artist was then put in order chry_insi_art, who attempted to juggle yet another twist. Indeed, the protagonist of the illustration is Monaka, one of the fighters chosen by Beerus during the battle between Universe 6 and Universe 7 just to encourage Goku and Vegeta to once again overcome their limits. As an amateur and swindler, the alien Wagashi race turns into a hero in the artistic representation, capable of delivering a powerful straight punch in the face of Molo.

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And you, instead, what do you think of this hilarious reversal of plot? Let us know with a comment below.


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