Dragon Ball Super: a fan reinterprets Goku's Super Saiyan Blue in the style of Z

The new power introduced with Dragon Ball Super, or the divine transformation into Super Saiyan God, did not fully satisfy the expectations of fans who perhaps expected something different and more coherent for narrative purposes. But if the transformation had been introduced in Super's prequel would it have changed anything?

The introduction of the divine transformation, which has made the Super Saiyan obsolete, has opened the doors to new potential power-ups, as the appearance of the Super Saiyan Blue. Goku and Vegeta, in fact, following training with Whis, managed to reach this powerful stadium at the time of the Saga of the Resurrection of Freeza, to contrast the new form of the Evil Emperor.

But if the design did not fully convince the public, also thanks to the new style of DB Super, how would it look with the iconic Z trait instead? In this regard, a fan tried to reconstruct an anime scene by reinterpreting Goku in two different versions, that is with the retro style and with a hypothetical Super variant. The result in question, therefore, can be admired at the bottom of the news. Fans greatly appreciated the changes made, especially with regards to Goku Blue in the days of Dragon Ball Z.

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And you, instead, what do you think of this artistic representation, do you like it? Tell us your opinion about it, as usual, with a comment in the space provided below.


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