Dragon Ball Super: a fan presents his Goku Black in Super Saiyan Rose but old style

Dragon Ball Super introduced us to a completely new multiverse. And it was not only composed of parallel spaces, but also on variations on the time scale, presenting alternative universes also under that front. And that's why we got to know one of the villains of Dragon Ball Super, Black Goku.

With the anime of Dragon Ball Super this character was introduced who was initially thought to be the Goku of the Trunks of the Future timeline. Obviously things were very different and over time all the skeins of plot around this story have been unraveled. The real villain of that arc was Zamasu who managed to get hold of Goku's body and then to make pacts with his version of the future.

During this phase, in the body of the saiyan Zamasu reached Super Saiyan Rose status, a new version of the classic transformation that obviously exponentially increased the capabilities of the already strong enemy. French fan Gosan decided to shoot Black Goku in Super Saiyan Rose to redesign it, but based on the style of the old Dragon Ball Z. At the bottom you can see the fan art created by Gosan with this old style Goku.

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You prefer it to the version of Dragon Ball Super? Goku in Super Saiyan Blue also received his fan art.


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