Dragon Ball Super 69: revealed the identity of the strongest warrior in the universe?

As anticipated by Toyotaro, the current story arc of the series Dragon Ball Super, or Granolah the Survivor, would have shown the most powerful warrior in the universe, and with the publication of chapter 69 the mystery about such a personality has finally been revealed, through an interesting and important twist.

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super showed in Granolah’s life in more detail, of his personal relationships, paying particular attention to his past and his thirst for revenge towards the Saiyans and the Emperor Freeza, who have exterminated his fellow men. Driven by this devastating rage, Granolah is also willing to harness the desire for a new orb dragon to achieve his goal.

Toyotaro’s words, revisited in the series through the prophecy of the Oracle Fish, finally proved to be true, as Granolah expresses a desire to become the strongest warrior in the universe. Although it is not specified whether Granolah is now able to use extremely powerful techniques, or to take her physical abilities to limits far beyond those of the Angels and Gods of Destruction, but certainly represents the new, main, threat to Goku and Vegeta.

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Recall that a fan discovered the name of the dragon of the planet Cereal, and we leave you to the preview of chapter 70 on V-Jump.


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