Dragon Ball Super 69 displaces everyone: Vegeta and Granolah fury, what will happen now?

The Dragon Ball Super 69 spoilers shared a few days ago turned out to be correct, as well as the rumors that spoke of a extremely important chapter. From the incredible discussion between Vegeta and Beerus to the fury of Granolah, issue number 69 has staged all possible twists: let’s go and analyze them.

Chapter 69 opens with Granolah, returning to Planet Cereal which is revealed to be still intact. After the Freeza massacre, in fact, the Planet was rebuilt by a powerful family introduced in chapter 68 of the manga, the Heeter, and later sold to another species. The Sugarians, this is the name of the alien people, are very friendly with Granolah, who buys water and other goods before heading to his new home, located on top of a mountain.

The focus then shifts to Beerus’ Planet, where we see Vegeta arguing with the God of Destruction. Vegeta belittles the role of Freeza slightly, admitting that Saiyans have always been evil warriors, and that they have built their story on the death of other races. According to the prince, therefore, their fate was inevitable. In response, Beerus confesses to Vegeta that he is truly responsible for the extermination of his race, causing the Saiyan to explode with rage. Vegeta loses the fight and Beerus advises him to let go of his past and start from scratch, since as long as he continues to feel responsible for the death of others he will never be able to obtain the power he seeks.

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In the last pages the attention shifts to the Heeter family, engaged in a discussion to try to solve the Freeza problem. None of the family members wish to challenge the Emperor of the Universe, but a possible solution is seen in the Dragon Balls. The Nameks, in fact, have created several sets of Spheres, and apparently one of these is located on Cereal, a planet where in time celereans and Namekians lived in peace.

Granolah returns home, located on top of a mountain from which he can observe the city where he grew up, now destroyed. The warrior lives with Monaito, the last Namekian left on Cereal, and is in possession of one of the two Spheres necessary to invoke the Dragon of Desires. Despite his friend’s recommendations, Granolah decides to infiltrate the city and steal the second one, then invoking the Dragon and expressing his wish: become the strongest warrior in the Universe. The mercenary’s revenge can finally begin.

And what do you think of this chapter? Will Granolah be able to defeat Freeza? Let us know yours with a comment! Meanwhile, we remind you that chapter 70 of Dragon Ball Super has a release date, as revealed a few hours ago by V-Jump.


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