Dragon Ball Super 65: new spoilers, here’s what Goku’s unconsciousness led to

The first drafts of Dragon Ball Super 65 have left fans of the manga very perplexed. Toyotaro was attacked online due to plot choices. But in the interview with the editor of V-Jump we learned how the arc will continue.

After the first eight pages published, the editor revealed that there was going to be a big twist. Until a few hours ago we did not know what it could be, but now a spoiler image of Dragon Ball Super 65 reveals the content.

After attacking Goku, Molo appears to have regained his copy power that he stole from android 73 by merging. In the picture he is seen smiling mockingly and restored while in his hand he holds the red medallion in which he enclosed his powers. But above all to surprise is the presence in that medallion of Merus’s face.

The vanished angel then returns to the surprise in Dragon Ball Super even if in a way that no one expected. Now Molo is able to use his powers of which we do not know the extent and could become truly unbeatable for the heroes of the manga. At this point it seems unthinkable that Goku could defeat him, making it clear how reckless he was in having his opponent re-established in exchange for a promise he would never keep.

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