Dragon Ball Super 61: complete spoilers, Vegeta's extraordinary technique explained

He is the prince of the Saiyans but for a long time he was overshadowed by a plebeian like Kakaroth. While working hard, he has never managed to overcome his eternal rival ever since he met him in battle on Earth. But Toyotaro with Dragon Ball Super wants to restore the leading role to Vegeta.

The title of Chapter 61 of Dragon Ball Super is "Vegeta reborn"and makes it clear how much this monthly story, which will also celebrate the five years of the manga, revolves around the rebirth of the prince of the Saiyans. As we have known from other previews, in the first phase there is a hand-to-hand clash between Vegeta and Molo but the shots of the saiyan do not seem to have too much effect, as there is no shortage of pointing out Gohan and the other spectators.

However Piccolo is sure that Vegeta has an ace up his sleeve because otherwise he wouldn't have behaved that way. In the next attack, Vegeta surprisingly dodges Molo's attack and in doing so extracts energy from the enemy's body. This condenses into a kind of sphere explaining that it is a forced separation of spiritual power.

Shot after shot, Vegeta releases more and more energy from Molo's body which condenses into an ever larger sphere in the sky. Meanwhile, the villain gets older and older until his beard grows back. On Yardrat, Pibara is following the clash and confirms that Vegeta is using the technique successfully. Molo gets angry and continues to attack Vegeta but has become weaker and is now an opponent with whom he can deal.

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Meanwhile, the energy is dissipated in the universe and the strongest warriors manage to come back to life once the energy that had been stolen is obtained. Now that Molo is down, Vegeta asks Jaco if he wants to catch him alive or if he can kill him. Jaco replies that it is better to kill him since no one could do it, but while the saiyan prepares for the final blow, Molo manages to use his magical powers and disappear.

Vegeta chases him and is near the ship where Molo kills Shimorekka and absorbs 73. After rejecting Vegeta, Molo presents himself in a new form claiming to be much stronger than before and to also have the peculiar techniques of the android. Thus begins one new phase for the battle of Dragon Ball Super.


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