Dragon Ball Super 61: according to an insider "Vegeta will be incredible" in the next chapter

Since Vegeta was introduced to Dragon Ball Z, water has passed under the bridges. The prince of the saiyans has always been self-centered and proud, but time has smoothed out these character sides and brought them in a new light that is manifesting itself in Dragon Ball Super.

However, he had to suffer the shame of always being in the shadow of Goku, the true protagonist of the Dragon Ball series. However the latest chapters of Dragon Ball Super seem to have confirmed a new course for Vegeta. After rescuing Goku and the other Grounders just in time from Molo's attacks, the Saiyan prince prepares to fight the enemy he had previously faced on Neo Namec unsuccessfully.

The first spoilers of Dragon Ball Super 61 had made us aware of the contents of the very first pages, without going too far. But in these hours comes the comment of an insider, Ryokutya, who comments in full on the chapter in question without making too many spoilers. According to the Japanese blogger, Vegeta has learned a technique that will enter the history of Dragon Ball.

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The technique is truly amazing and matches the true nature of Vegeta. Piccolo also sweats cold at the sight of this new ability. Vegeta's intervention in Dragon Ball Super will therefore be incredible. There are just a few days left before Dragon Ball Super 61 is released on MangaPlus, will you be able to wait?


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