Dragon Ball: Nadyasonika's Bulma sexy cosplay shows us her Dragon Balls

The main purpose of the adventure of Bulma was to get their hands on the Dragon Balls, seven orange marbles with different stars inside, from 1 to 7, and that if collected all together they allowed the evocation of a dragon that could fulfill every desire. This was the cause of the first meeting in Dragon Ball between Goku and Bulma.

In addition to the initial arc, Bulma has been involved few times in the hunt for the Dragon Balls but that first adventure will remain etched in everyone's mind. The young protagonist of Dragon Ball in fact he knew not only Goku, but also the pig Oolong, then Yamcha and Pual but also the evil Pilaf and the perverted Master Roshi.

During this adventure you will remember how Bulma was forced to dress like a bunny, with a bodice lent to her by Oolong. That is still one of the most represented versions of Bulma in the world of cosplay. After the five Bulma di Hura cosplay games a few days ago, we present a single disguise again, this time made by Nadyasonika.

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In the photo below there is Bulma obviously dressed as a bunny and the dress could only highlight the sexy body of the girl. Instead, he holds a dragon ball in his hands, showing that his journey is becoming a success. Going back to the ancient glories of the anime, do you remember the first adventures of Dragon Ball?


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