Dragon Ball meets Final Fantasy: Goku and Cloud merge into a single character

There are immortal characters who remain in the collective imagination even years after the end of their story. One of these is Dragon Ball's Goku, an immortal anime and manga that only recently, after twenty years of stopping, has he returned to limestone on the world stage. Another is Final Fantasy Cloud Strife.

Cloud is the main character of Final Fantasy VII, published in Japan now twenty years ago but taken up with the recent remake for PlayStation 4. The blonde is one of the most famous protagonists of the Final Fantasy brand and now receives a strange fusion with the historical character of Dragon Ball.

To present it on the net is Derek Padula, a fan who on Twitter has added an illustration that blends together Cloud Strife and Goku. As you can see in the image below the news, there is a Cloud with the look identical to that of Goku. Obviously more than a fusion, it could simply be the Final Fantasy VII guy drawn in the style of Akira Toriyama.

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In any case, Derek Padula has also proposed names for a potential fusion between the two characters. Which do you prefer between Cloukū, Gokūd, Kakaroud and Cloudarot? Instead Qiashukai imagines a Goku God of Destruction with his fan art.


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