Dragon Ball: Krillin is the strongest and bravest Earthman, that’s why

Since its first appearance in the initial episodes of the original series Dragon Ball Krillin’s character has been able to conquer many fans of Akira Toriyama’s work, and even if to date he has become a somewhat marginal character in the evolution of the events of Dragon Ball Super, many continue to support him.

According to some theories in fact, Goku’s best friend would be the most powerful earthling, and although characters like Yamcha and Tenshinhan have shown their skills on several occasions, there is one quality that uniquely characterizes Krillin: his courage. In fact, no matter how powerful the opponents were, or how terrible the situations his teammates found themselves in, Krillin has always tried to do the right thing, overcoming the fear and fear of failing, or even dying.

With the release of Dragon Ball Super unfortunately Krillin, like Gohan and Piccolo, continues to play a secondary role, although in the Molo saga we saw him once again alongside the other Z Warriors. As many of you will remember, Krillin’s primary goal was to be Goku’s main rival, a role he lost after the introduction of Piccolo and Vegeta in the series, and which contributed to it becoming marginal compared to the two mentioned above.

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What makes Krillin one of the most important characters in the entire Dragon Ball universe is his deep humanity, which emerges with the emotions that he manifests on several occasions, such as fear and courage, aspects that are almost completely absent in the character of Goku, who only thinks about becoming stronger and finding encounters that can amuse him.

Recall that Goku and the Genius of the Turtles have become two beautiful collectible figures, and we leave you to the splendid statue dedicated to the first volume of Dragon Ball.


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