Dragon Ball: Cell self-destructs in a hilarious low-cost cosplay

Fans of the fantastic work created by Akira Toriyama Dragon Ball they will surely remember Cell as one of the most cruel, sadistic and powerful antagonists who have ever appeared both in the episodes and in the pages of the regular series, and a fan wanted to dedicate a nice cosplay to one of his most particular forms.

For sure you will remember the transformations that have progressively led us to the Perfect Cell, with the absorption first of C-17 and then of C-18, but the particular shape chosen by the cosplayer @lowcostcosplayth is that of the Semi-perfect cell ready to explode to raze the entire planet Earth.

Proud of his son, Goku will decide to sacrifice himself, teleporting both himself and Cell, unable to move due to the enormous mass accumulated on King Kaio’s planet, causing the latter’s destruction. Making it much more fun than it actually is, the fan, who has already appeared on our pages thanks to other cheap cosplay, wanted to show his very personal and brilliant interpretation of Cell just before the explosion.

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As you can see in the post at the bottom of the news, the artist has not at all thought of buying a costume in particular, or of wearing makeup like the villain, he instead preferred underpants that perfectly recall the orange color of the character’s body, drawing lines and shading, and then applying a simple printed image of Cell over the whole.

Recall that the real names of # 17 and # 18 have recently been revealed, and we leave you to the battle of popularity between Dragon Ball, Naruto and ONE PIECE.


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