Dragon Ball: Bunny Bulma arrives in Mei's sexy cosplay

Dragon Ball in the early days he introduced us to the pair made up of Goku and Bulma who started traveling alone around the world in search of the mythical Dragon Spheres. The blue-haired girl immediately tried to seduce the boy with her charm but she couldn't, yet her body was already enough to take the breath away from the other characters.

Even after years, Bulma remains one of the sexiest characters of the world of anime and manga and there are many tributes from fans. From dojinshi, erotic and otherwise, to fan art and cosplay, the Dragon Ball co-star lives on in many forms. In particular, the models and cosplayers try to take on the role of Bunny Bulma to ingratiate themselves with male users.

For this on the net there are many Bulma cosplay with this dress, although it appeared little during the series. What we propose today is from the cosplayer Mei who in two photos tries to capture the Bulma sensuality with this dress that was loaned to her by Oolong. Black ears, blue hair, collar with red bow tie and the classic black dress with socks. What do you think of this Bunny Bulma cosplay?

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The Dragon Ball co-star, however, is also portrayed in other versions: we have in fact a fusion between Bulma and Negan of The Walking Dead, but also a tender cosplay of Bulma and Trunks together.


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