Dragon Ball: all Bulma's enhanced qualities in Fabibi's cosplay

In Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama's epic manga, we saw co-star Bulma Brief dress up in an infinite number of different clothes as she grew and matured during the series. She has always been portrayed as an extremely sexy girl and woman, and these qualities have not been lost with the transition to midquel Dragon Ball Super.

Also here Bulma, after being rejuvenated with the power of the Dragon Balls, she has not lost her sexy touch and has shown herself in many different clothes. Perhaps the one who has become more iconic of Dragon Ball Super sees her with an extremely simple outfit: white shirt that leaves her belly slightly uncovered, a red scarf around her neck and a light blue jeans.

The cosplayer Fabibi decided to devote himself to the world of Dragon Ball Super and in particular to this version of Bulma. In fact, he shared several photos with his on his Twitter account Bulma cosplay which you can see below and who transported it to the Capsule Corporation. Fabibi wanted to celebrate Bulma by choosing a less replicated outfit than that of the more youthful versions, among which the one by Bunny Bulma definitely stands out. With this he wants to celebrate the maturity and sensuality of an adult Bulma. How do you think this Dragon Ball Super world cosplay came about?

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