Dragon Ball: a sexy Bulma bunny in Hika's cosplay

Bulma is probably one of the erotic dreams of many fans who grew up on bread and Dragon Ball. The girl immediately presented herself as a cornerstone of the series with lots of sensual winks, like when she tried to bribe Goku with her panties or for all the times she showed up naked or almost naked.

Obviously, often changing clothes during the manga and the anime, depending on the period and its maturity, there are some Bulma clothes more appreciated than others. At the top of the charts there is certainly the Bunny Bulma version, or the Bulma bunny which appeared in one of the first sagas, when due to some problems the girl was forced to wear the bunny dress lent to her by the pig Oolong.

The Dragon Ball girl has often been portrayed with this dress in various cosplay models and fans around the world. Hikachan.cosplayer has also decided to devote his time, his physique and his skills to Bunny Bulma cosplay that comes to life with a set of photos that you can see below. The girl does not scruple in being seen both dressed as a bunny and in underwear, to add a touch of sensuality in more to a costume that already has a lot.

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Do you prefer this cosplay or Meii's Bulma? Always with regards to the world of Dragon Ball, have you ever wondered what problems Lunch had?


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