Dragon Ball: a Bulma cosplay makes us return to the search for the Dragon Balls

Dragon Ball is known to all for the famous battles, including that of Goku and Vegeta, or that of Goku and Freeza on Namek and which made the story of Akira Toriyama rise to the Olympus of manga. But Dragon Ball is also more, such as the search for the Seven Dragon Balls, the objects that started the great adventure of Goku and Bulma.

Although the first phase of the manga was short, Bulma pulled out a lot of dresses. When she met Goku in fact, Bulma was wearing a pink dress, then passing through many others as well as the famous dress that Olong lent her, the bunny one. But there are also other clothes that are little taken into consideration in the world of cosplay.

However, cosplayer Mangoecos chose one of these less famous outfits to create her own Bulma cosplay, with a little Halloween twist. In fact, last week, on his Instagram profile, Mangoecos posted the photo you see below with Bulma dressed in white shirt, shorts, a jacket and a red hat with his name. Under his left arm he has the four-star Dragon Ball, although it is actually a carved pumpkin.

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The dress is the one she wore during one of the first encounters with the Olong pig, do you remember those early scenes from Dragon Ball?


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