Dr. Stone: Stone Wars, prepare for war with the launch trailer

Dr. Stone's anime certainly did the manga written by Riichiro Inagaki and designed by Boichi. In fact, from the two million pre-anime copies, Dr. Stone reached 4 million copies which then became 5 only a few days ago. Who knows what will happen with the arrival of the second season entitled "Dr. Stone: Stone Wars".

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars will debut in January 2021, thus opening the anime season next year. Just yesterday this release date was revealed, accompanied by a teaser trailer that we show you in this news. Above you can observe, in a little more than a minute, the presentation of the next narrative arc.

As the title already suggests, there will be a war in the world by now sunk into the Stone Age. Senku and Tsukasa will be the protagonists, the realm of science on one side and the realm of brute force on the other. The video that does not show many scenes in particular coming from the next season, is mainly formed by a roundup of individuals who will be fundamental on both sides to carry on this war.

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Who will gain supremacy in the new Earth where humans will survive? And you will get some answers on the bigger mystery, the origin of petrification?


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