Dr Disrespect makes fun of BadBunny: the dispute between the two streamers continues

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In recent days, a rather heated controversy has broken out for those who follow the world of streamers, when BadBunny during one of his broadcasts, he started complaining about the few donations his fans make to his channel. "I'm working for free," said the live streamer.

As expected, this did not go unnoticed. Especially when there is someone like around Dr Disrespect, ready to bite you at the slightest misstep, and in fact this time the occasion was one of those greedy.

Here, therefore, that the mustached content creator and ex pro gamer, has made fun BadBunny staging one sketch last a direct one. The streamer was framed in the car, while talking on the phone with his agent, pretending not to notice the camera, making fun of BadBunny clearly, using some phrases said during the offending show.

"I've been on the air for almost 10 minutes, and there aren't enough people to subscribe to the channel. I don't work for free!", is "If they sit there and watch me for free, I'll be pissed like a beast! Donations out!", are some of the phrases spoken by Dr Disrespect, before noticing the camera and returning to "normal".

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In short, it will not be a clash between the best thinkers of our time, but at least some laughter sometimes tears us.

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